Top 5 Activities You Shouldn’t Miss Out On a Dubai Tour


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Both the cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi are just the stirring alchemy of profound traditions as well as an ambitious futuristic vision of the United Arab Emirates. With all the Emiratis making up only a fraction of the whole population, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are bustling cities peacefully shared by cultures from all across the world. Especially in Dubai, newcomers and visitors can easily get connected with myriad experiences of the city, like eating with Bedouin, dancing on the beach, shopping for local art sculptures, riding on a camel in the desert.

For planning a vacation in Dubai, here are a few leads that you shouldn’t miss out, if you really want to return back home with plentiful memorable experiences:

Take The Plunge On Skydiving In Dubai. Dubai city is best seen from the sky, so why not from 13,000 feet! Enjoy skydiving in Dubai and soar like a bird over one of the most spectacular drop zones throughout the world in short and simple words, skydiving is an extreme experience and will make your heart racing so fast. The ultimate thrill of holding on for dear life makes anything seem possible. To make sure you remember the experience forever in Dubai, a cameraman needs to document the whole fun.

Add More Fun with Skiing Expedition. Did you ever imagine you’d come to Dubai and go for skiing? That’s right, of course! The 3,000 square meter long Snow Park with snow caves, toboggan slope and tube rides is a great choice for family fun. However, the alpine café is an ideal alternative for sipping hot chocolate at a temperature of minus four degrees or watching out the daily march of colony of snow penguins.

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Include Flair with Desert Camping. Camping in the Arabian desert can be an entertaining and exhilarating adventure. Start your safari by riding over sand dunes in a luxury, 4 wheel drive vehicle. Experience sand dune bashing and dig right into the spectacular scenery of the desert.  After that, a traditional Arabian campsite awaits for you with so many enjoyable activities to try out, like smoke aromatic sand surf, shisha or do a henna painting. Besides, witness a sparkling desert sunset, taste a feast on a delicious 3-course meal while enjoying a belly dancer performing in a traditional folk music.

Shopping. Well, the city of Dubai is quite synonymous with shopping. There’s nothing that you can’t buy when shopping in Dubai. During your city tour in Dubai, you can enjoy shopping around a wide array of malls, from the ultra modern malls  the traditional Arabic souks. However, the city is bursting with several designer goodies, Middle Eastern handicrafts and many more things that you will love the most.

desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Conclusion. If you’re planning for a vacation in Dubai, then you must take a glimpse of the above things that you shouldn’t give a miss! For this purpose, you must be in need of a tour operator for your help. Orient Tours is a premier tour operator, providing a wide array of travel options to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi at a reasonable cost. If you really want fun-filled experiences on your upcoming holiday, you just choose city tours in Dubai of Orient Tours and be sure of returning back home with wonderful feelings.

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Exhilarating Experience of a Guided Desert Safari in Dubai


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Main objective of planning a Dubai vacation trip with family or friends is to enjoy sun, sand, beach and shopping. It is believed that the best time to go on a Dubai travel is during the cooler months like November to April. During this time one can experience warm evenings and chilled nights when the hot sun is at rest. Most tourists and vacation seekers are found to be attracted by the Arabian city’s sun and sand, which entices them to enjoy a magical desert safari. Today Desert safari has become a premier attraction among the tourists and visitors that offers them to indulge in great opportunities of exploring a mesmerizing desert of Dubai.

Some useful tips for enjoying a memorable Dubai desert safari trip:

  • Be prepared for a bumpy ride: Before your desert safari trip, one should take light lunch and avoid drinking too much water. This will help in enjoying a comfortable ride on the desert.
  • Wear loose and Comfortable Clothes: You need to wear comfortable trouser and lightweight t-shirt that will help in beating the scorching suns’ heat and assure a comfortable desert safari trip.
  • Carry sunglasses, hat and sunscreen: These things will help you to stay protected from the unpleasant desert and sun rays.

Top Activities in a Desert Safari:

  • Dune Bashing: This is a thrilling activity, which will help you to explore sand dunes in a sport utility vehicle like Toyota Land Cruiser, SUV. This type of vehicle comes with a roll cage, which acts as a security measure for passengers. Skilled and experienced drivers generally drive the vehicle to ensure optimum level of safety. With dune bashing, you will feel like swimming across the sand dunes in 4×4 vehicles.
  • Intoxicating Evenings: On a desert safari, you can experience warm evening after dune bashing like enjoy delicious BBQ cuisines, Arabic Coffee (gahwa) and fresh dates. You can also enjoy the opportunity to dress in traditional Arabic costumes and experience painting henna tattoos on hand.
  • Enjoy Quad Biking: Adventure sport enthusiast can enjoy Quad biking on a desert safari tour that will allow in having the control of steering wheel or handle bar. This is a unique yet riskier version of discovering the sand terrain. Remember to have a proper safety gear as a security measure for enjoying an adventurous quad biking.

You can seek assistance from a trustworthy and reputable tour operator in Dubai that will help in ensuring right type of packages for tours in Dubai or a Desert safari trip. It will be great fun, safe and exciting affair, by booking a fully guided desert safari tour in Dubai from Orient Tours. We are experienced and knowledgeable travel experts in creating memorable holiday for tourists and visitors as per their requirement and budget.

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Tips to Make Your Desert Safari in Dubai a Life-Time Experience


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Thanks to all the essential promotion made by the Dubai Tourism Board, it is something that you certainly cannot miss when you are on a trip to the world’s most favorite emirate. This is certainly the typical Arab desert experience with all the rudiments thrown into one splendid package. Welcome to Desert safari in Dubai.

Not like the African safari, which’s the undoubted boss of safaris, you won’t get to see wild creatures during this safari, possibly a number of camels and maybe a rare wild ass! This barren land stretches into miles & miles of sand as far as your eyes can travel. You will explore the sand in 4×4 vehicles handled by expert drivers across and experience what’s called sand dune bashing. It is usually off-roading in the barren land and can get quite bumpy at times.

So, in this article I am going to give you some tips that may help you maximize your desert safari experience in Dubai. Let’s have a look at them:

Safeguard Yourself from the Unfavorable Rays of the Sun

Never depart your hotel room without putting sunscreen lotion on your screen. Though you will be in an A/c car during most of the time of your safari tour, it is still feasible to get nasty sunburns. You certainly can’t resist yourself to get out of your luxury vehicle and take pictures of amazing sand dunes. So, sun protection is much essential.

Apart from sunscreen lotion you should ensure that you have a sunglass on your eyes. It also won’t be a bad idea if you cover your face with something for supplementary protection against sand and dust.

rh_38293Don’t Forget To Bring Your Camera

If you’re thinking that sand dunes are scorching, barren provinces, hang around until you get into the desert. The vista will leave you speechless, and you can’t resist yourself to pause and take a snapshot. So ensure that you have a camera that is fully charged and don’t forget to put some additional batteries in your travel bag as well.

Take Some Beverages with You

Due to the extreme temperature in the desert, you may feel thirsty in every five to ten minutes. Even though the tour last just twenty minutes, it is smart to carry adequate water with you. Though water is necessary, you can also take other beverages with you.

Plan Your Desert Safari During Sunset

The dusk in the Dubai desert is just as mesmerizing as the sand dunes. So you must plan your safari and ensure that you get into the desert around dusk. If you wish, you can go for a camel trek and that way your safari experience will be more adventurous.

Every joyful memory is best shared with somebody you hold close to your heart. It can be your family, a friend or your loved one. There’s something special regarding the Dubai desert that will help bring you and your dear ones even closer. So, don’t ever miss a chance to visit Dubai and experience everything that this wonderland has to offer.

Tips and Etiquette for a Smooth and Safe Tour in Dubai


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One can witness a chronic flood of expats and tourists in Dubai, Abu Dhabi that has resulted in growth of economy beyond crude oil and natural gas reserve dependency. As a tourist or traveler, you should remember that city of bright lights Dubai is not only famous for its enormous attractions & shopping centers and flashy high-rises but also known for the hefty penalties, which is applied to anyone who breaks the rules. In this case it will be better in following some tip and being aware about some of the etiquettes that will result in safe Dubai tour.

Dress-up modestly:

Remember that Dubai is a Muslim emirate, so here you have to opt for wearing conservative attire and dump any kind of revealing clothing. Short skirts or spaghetti strap tops are big no-no for women. In Dubai women should cover their shoulders and ensure wearing skirts or shorts that falls below the knee. But on the beach, women can wear bikinis and bathing suits but should not wear them on the way to & from the beach. In religious places, women should wear headscarves as well as ensure exposure of minimal bare skin. Boys or Men should keep those shirts on at all time.

City Tour DubaiExchange your Money in a Proper Way:

Do not ever exchange your money for local currency on the street; this might expose you to a dangerous situation. You can exchange your money in bank, hotel or an ATM at the local shopping center. This will prove to be a safe and hassle free way of exchanging your money for local currency.

Avoid Public Displays of Affection:

In Dubai holding hands with your partner is acceptable but kissing or hugging or any kind of physical display of affection is not allowed. In United Arab Emirate, public displays of affection is considered to be an offensive act and as Dubai falls under Sharia Law, at some travel sites you will find unwedded couples are recommended to book separate hotel rooms.

Prevent Alcohol Consumption in Public:

Alcohol is not banned in Dubai but you can’t drink it in public; however one can enjoy your drink in restaurants and bars. You can purchase drinks in restaurants and bars but remember that public drunkenness is strictly prohibited as well as drinking and driving is not allowed.

Be Cautious when Clicking:

You can take photos of monuments and scenery but never ever click photos with a stranger without his or her permission. Where photography is prohibited, avoid taking pictures of government buildings, airports, docks and military establishments. Be cautious when taking picture of a local women, children or mosques; it will be better to seek permission first.

Seek Assistance of a Reliable Tour Operator in Dubai:

You can enjoy well planned and fully guided tours in Dubai with Orient Tours that will ensure safe and exciting trip with your family or friends. We are one of the leading tour operators in UAE and have branch offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Oman. Our travel experts specialize in providing tailor-made tours and trips as per client’s requirement and budget.

If you want to booking your tour to Dubai, Please visit .

Discover Delightful Sightseeing Attractions On Dubai Tour


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Are you planning for an upcoming holiday vacation? But you are confused where to visit! What’s so good about a vacation spot where there is no natural bliss? Luckily, there is a destination which satisfies all your cravings of adrenaline rush, extraordinary hospitality and sumptuous delicacies. It’s Dubai!!

Dubai is a well-known destination for the tourist’s delight. It’s due to the fact that it can offer a little something to every tourist who visits Dubai!

Explorations of Stunning Wonders In Dubai

Dubai, a city where all the illusions will come true. That’s the main reason why this sparkling city welcomes teeming masses every day and even year after year. The breathtaking sights as well as the scenic attractions are the hot spots for the nature enthusiasts. With the exceptional ranges of recreational spots and shopping malls, it can offer excellent opportunities to experience the uniqueness of this city. Even, the city hosts a shopping extravaganza like Dubai Shopping Festival that appeals a flock of shoppers across the world. Apart from shopping paradise, the marvelous city is also regarded as a quintessential safari destination!

Ultimate Epitome of Vibrancy

Dubai city has become an epitome of all the vibrant attractions that you can have never imagined before. Thanks to the spectacular, architectural buildings and sites which have left Dubai as one of the iconic and exceptional landmarks throughout the planet. However, Dubai has capitalized as the number one shopping destination around the world.


Wondrous Desert Safari for Exhilerating Experiences

However, Dubai remains incomplete without mentioning about a desert safari. But apart from this adventure-packed sightseeing wonders, there is a wide array of other exceptional sights that you will encounter during a city tour in Dubai. For instance, the stunningly crafted and extremely beautiful, Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure across the globe. It’s striking appeal even lures the famous actors and celebrities of the Hollywood. Being featured with the highest observation decks in the world, this structure, even accommodates the signature Armani Hotel; which stands out as an epitome of hyper-luxury!

A city tour in Dubai will allow you take a bath on the traditional bravura and also rescind all mundane feelings when you will dwell in the royal history, all will come to alive.

Going on a city tour in Dubai with Orient Tours can offer innovative opportunities to fully enjoy the Arabian city to the fullest. If you think that you can believe this name, then rest assured that they will ensure to deliver a memorable travel adventure in the Arabian Peninsula!

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Top 4 Never-To-Miss Weekend Escapade In Dubai


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When you are in Dubai, there will never be a dull moment! You will find so many things to do and so many places to explore in Dubai so that you will definitely want to extend the weekend break two more days. If you are getting bored in your home, then it’s perfect time to step out of the inside world and have a great time while visiting Dubai as the city has a lot to offer you! Although there is an availability of several places to visit in Dubai, we have discussed here the top 4 best attractions among them:

Top 4 Dubai Destinations To Hit In Dubai

Dubai Mall

If you don’t want to roam around the busy streets in Dubai during daytime, then head over to Dubai Mall; which is one of the largest malls throughout the UAE and around the world too. If you don’t want to get stuck in the weekend traffic, then you can take the metro to visit this mall. If you are not a shopping enthusiast, then don’t worry as there are plentiful things that you can see and do in Dubai Mall. Whether it’s Acquarium, underwater zoo or the Dubai fountain show, the incredible attractions of Dubai won’t fail to entertain you. Don’t forget to visit the food mall to unwind and taste delicious, authentic dishes of Dubai. In short, Dubai Mall is an ideal hub to spend the quality time with your family.

Dhow Cruise by Orient Tours

Dhow Cruise

Dhows are nothing but the traditional boats; that were used by Arabian people for transportation and trading purposes. But currently, these boats are employed for recreational activities. So you can go on a dhow cruise either on the Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina during the daytime to explore the mesmerizing sights that these places have to offer. Apart from dhows, there is availability of luxury yachts and boats; that you can hire for a day or for a few hours to plan a party or a romantic dinner with your someone special. Many tour operators are now providing boat rides in order to take you to the middle of the Arabian Gulf; there you can enjoy snorkeling, fishing, swimming and other recreational water sports.

Stunning Coastlines

If you are dreaming of spending a relaxed as well as a peaceful weekend, then you should visit the striking beaches in Dubai. No matter whatever beach you will go, you will be welcomed to the cleanest, pristine beaches where you can enjoy the most. However, the beaches are the perfect option to soak in the sun, make figurines of mud and indulge yourself in the water sport activities.

Desert Safari

If you don’t have sufficient time or the mood to visit all these places, then go for an adventurous desert safari in Dubai. There are several tour operators providing desert safari packages in Dubai, so it will be quite easy for you to book a safari tour in the desert even during the weekend. In fact, you can enjoy sand dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking, belly dance and witnessing the ultimate ambience of the desert area.

Choosing Reliable Tour Operator To Explore Dubai

Orient Tours is a popular Destination Management company organizing a wide array of travel facilities to explore Dubai and Abu Dhabi in an authentic way. With our exclusive, customer-friendly packages for tours in Dubai, you can explore everything from the spectacular beaches to the shopping malls. Tours in Dubai with Orient Tours can help you visit the place that interests you the most. So enjoy visiting Dubai!

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Customized Desert Safari Packages Available in Abu Dhabi


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Being a vibrant capital city of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi boasts an amazing environment, heritage, exotic culture, stunning landscapes as well as friendly locals. It’s a well-known destination with the incredible sand dunes, pearl diving opportunities and the date farming enterprises. Among all, the desert safari in Abu Dhabi can offer you an opportunity to indulge in its plentiful activities, spectacular attractions, the delicious food collection as well as its shopping extravaganza; all these offerings will make your city tour in Abu Dhabi an unforgettable one!

Explore an Exciting and Fun-filled Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

After all, your city tour in Abu Dhabi will be successful only after experiencing the ultimate thrill of our desert safari. With us, you can get a chance to do something very exciting and exceptional by creating an ultimate adventure of your choice. The wide, open Arabian desert has a wide expanse of sand and space; which can give you an amazing opportunity to enjoy its mélange of alternatives.

Desert safari in Abu Dhabi with Orient Tours comprises of different options like full day tour and half day door; which can be added to your tour itinerary as per your selection.

Abu Dhabi

Top Highlights of Our Desert Safari Packages in Abu Dhabi

  • Availability of 4WD (Four Wheel Drives) to ensure adventurous experiences of your life.
  • Able to ride to ride over varying heights of large sand dunes; most of the time offering a feeling of flying.
  • Excellent sand dune bashing options like a roller coaster ride.
  • Sand boarding
  • Camel back riding
  • Ensure eclectic views of striking desert sunset.
  • Stylish, yet delicious Arabian cuisines.
  • Authentic belly dancing and traditional henna tattoos
  • Explore shopping extravaganza of Abu Dhabi.
  • Excellent lodging and boarding options.
  • Immaculate customer service.
  • Cost-effective prices.

desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Do you want to go on a city tour in Abu Dhabi? Book the specialized desert safari in Abu Dhabi with Orient Tours and enjoy the ultimate warmth of hospitality as well as experience the unique blend of contemporary conglomeration and rich old traditions. Be sure to return back home with unforgettable memories of lives! For more updates regarding our desert safari in Abu Dhabi, please follow us at Google+.

Adventurous and Exciting Desert Safari Options In Dubai


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Well, Dubai is a perfect combination of profound traditions and ambitious futuristic vision. With the smallest population of Emiratis, Dubai is a magnificent city; which is peacefully shared by the cultures from all around the world. In short, this is a city with a huge diversity of culinary landscape and it is expressed as a hub of fashion, music and performances.

Amazing Desert Safari To Explore The Extremity of Dubai

A desert safari in Dubai is a unique experience to the cultural and social fabric of Dubai. If you are visiting Dubai; but leaving without embarking on a desert safari in Dubi is completely unthinkable! This exclusive safari can offer you a chance to experience the plentiful flavors of Dubai courtesy and a wide range of spectacular activities. However, the existence of mysterious and enticing desert has made it a lovely landscape for dune bashing sessions in order to let you experience the authentic thrill of Dubai. Considered as the best site for sand bashing, you will witness the vehicles, which are seen floating around the sand dunes.

Desert Safaris in Dubai

Additional Enjoyable Settings Available in Dubai

In addition to the desert safari in Dubai, there are numerous special sand skiing activities; that you ask for while booking your upcoming holiday vacations. Basically, it offers a chance to slide over these dunes. Even, you can experience the enchanting ecstasy of the belly dance performances, good music, food and henna painting for women and many more activities to enjoy. Moreover the camel riding session will be one of the intimate methods for exploration and journeying to Dubai. When it comes to having fun and excitement on your Dubai desert safari, sky is the limit.

Personalized and Customized Travel Packages for Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert safari in Dubai with Orient Tours will offer you a great concoction of adventure, excitement, hospitality and romance. No doubt, it will provide supremely delightful experiences that will create memories to be cherished forever indeed!

If you are confused about booking your desert tour in Dubai, then choose our exclusive Desert Wonder (Half day Desert Safari) and A Taste of Desert (A Full Day Desert Safari) to enjoy traveling in the sands. We have been offering customer friendly, cost effective packages for desert safari in Dubai in order to let your family experience an exclusive excursion and desert safari adventures without any hassle. Not only our tour packages are reasonable, but we will offer several additional attractions that you will not get elsewhere! For more details, stay connected with us at @OrientToursUAE!

Dubai: – A Spectacular Holiday Destination With Fun-filled Adventure



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Dubai is the famous cosmopolitan metropolis in the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the popular destinations with incredible pace, especially in tourism and trade. Even, Dubai is considered as the cultural and commercial hub of the Middle East. Having the worthwhile destinations to visit, Dubai is always portrayed as one of the famous destinations for luxury holiday vacation. There is a lot of thrilling activities like mountain climbing, scuba diving, water surfing, snorkeling, wadi bashing and many more other waiting for you; but a Dubai tour is incomplete without having the fun packed memories of desert safari to Dubai.

Customized Dubai Desert Safari

City tour in Dubai with Orient Tours offers custom-made exotic desert safari in the sand dunes. You will be picked up from the hotel you are staying in and taken to the desert area and sand dunes of Dubai. The never ending stretch of the desert and the excellent sand dunes gives one-of-a-kind, spectacular sight. If you will contact our tour operators for your exclusive city tour in Dubai, then rest assured that you will experience the magical settings of the desert with an adventurous drive by our chauffeur driven 4WD over the mesmerizing dunes of the desert. However, dune bashing is the one of the best attractions of our full day desert safari and half day desert safari. The dune bashing is well-known as sand bashing. In fact, the adventure part of the safari comes up when the car glides up and down with the golden colored dunes. This wonderful experience will certainly leave you spellbound. Even, you will get a chance to slide on the sand dunes of the desert.

City Tour in DubaiThis experience will offer a unique feeling of thrill with lots of entertainment which will ensure a memorable holiday in Dubai. Moreover, you can witness the desert sunset or ride camels, pain traditional henna design by sitting under the blanket of stars. Book city tour in Dubai of Orient Tours and enjoy seeing of panoramic view of the deserts, landscapes and no doubt these sites will let you leave with awesome memories.

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Top 5 Amazing Places to Explore in Dubai


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Looking to visit the city of inspiring skyscrapers, shopping authentic markets and vibrant nightlife? If your answer is yes, then come and visit to the glittering metropolis of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai to experience the ultra-luxurious lifestyle. What I have discussed here is to encompass some of the top 5 amazing places to visit in Dubai. Please let me know if you guys have some interesting tourist places so that it will help the other readers!

Desert Safari

Desert safari in Dubai with Orient Tours can be a thrilling activity to enjoy in 2015. You can use our off-road vehicles to set out for an amazing trip into the sand dunes. We have pertinent driving skills, experience and exceptional Dubai desert tour packages including Half Day Desert Safari (4WD), Half Day Adventure Safari to let you experience an amazing ride on the sand dunes. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then try this and be sure to get best ever memories.

Desert Safari in Abu DhabiIncredible Shopping Heaven

Dubai is regarded as the city of shopping malls. Among many malls available in Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates (MOE) is considered as the largest mall of the Middle East. In fact, this mall includes wider shopping space, large gaming area, movie theatres, cuisines, art gallery and many more adventurous things to explore.

Spectacular Nightlife

Let’s face it guys! If you are residing in the Middle East and have a desire to enjoy an outstanding nightlife, then you can come to Dubai. You will find many nationalities living in and visiting this striking city to ensure a diversity which can give the place a unique richness. All the bars and night clubs of Dubai stay open till 3AM across the city. So while touring Dubai, enjoy the nightlife fullest to your heart’s content.

Desert Safari in Dubai Dubai Creek

During your city tour in Dubai, don’t forget to have a Dubai Creek ride. When you will ride the Dubai Creek, you will witness the popular Dubai Souk or the gold market. You can even buy varieties of jewelries like pendants, bracelet, necklace, rings and other ornaments there.


Cuisine of Dubai is famous for its spicy ingredients and cooking procedures. Therefore, you can get to taste plentiful foods which are hard to get anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a 5 Star restaurant food or a normal street vendor food, you can feel no difference, at all. If you are in love with food, then this place can be a perfect present for you!

Want to go all these places? Let Orient Tours make a customized city tour in Dubai to make you travel around the treasures of the mesmerizing Middle-Eastern city, Dubai. For more details, follow us on Twitter.